Hosted by award-winning producer and animal welfare advocate, Jennifer Peterson, the And Justice For Animals podcast is a fun, truthful and often provocative show tackling current animal welfare issues. Without our help, animals have no voice, and it's the belief of this show that the greatest role we spiritual beings have is to speak up for those most vulnerable. 

Recorded at Woodshed Studio in Long Beach, CA, episode topics include: the importance of pet adoption and fostering; how to live a harm free life; why forcing wild animals to live in captivity hurts us all and why the hell that dentist who killed Cecil the Lion is still allowed to practice dentistry. We will get to that!


Join Jennifer as she sits down with world renowned guests who open up about their journeys in animal welfare and show us what we can all do to make the world a better place for animals. 





The host.

Producer/Director, Jennifer Peterson has created award-winning content for Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, The Tennis Channel and many others and recently had the honor of being a producer on the very successful 2018  and 2019 American Rescue Dog Show for the Hallmark Channel. A graduate of the prestigious American Film Institute, Jennifer uses her directing training as often as possible to create content that helps animals.  She directed three powerful animal welfare PSA's, one of which won the nationally voted on Humane Society of the United States People's Choice Award.  * View here.

In 2011, Jennifer began organizing peaceful anti-puppy mill protests in Los Angeles, CA. These campaigns garnered nation-wide attention for their effectiveness in helping close several abusive pet stores down and in 2012, Jennifer was able to convince one of the largest mall developers in the country to stop leasing space to pet stores that sold dogs. Read article here.

Jennifer's work in film and television often finds her interviewing A-list talent: Nicole Kidman, Justin Timberlake, Morgan Freeman and many others have sat across from her and Jennifer's kindness, intelligence and sense of humor create an environment where guests feel safe, respected and free to open up. This podcast is the natural next step for Jennifer, combining her love of in-depth, investigative conversation with her passion for helping animals. Listeners of And Justice for Animals will hear content that rarely gets discussed in the mainstream, and hopefully feel inspired to get involved and make a difference.