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The success of this podcast relies on the support of individuals  and companies who are in alignment with making the world a better place for animals.  We currently run 100% on donations which can be daunting, but we also know there are thousands of people out there who care deeply about animals so we know, together, WE CAN DO THIS!  

Our mission is simple:  Through powerful conversations with revolutionaries in animal welfare, we offer listeners clear and tangible ways to make an immediate difference in the life of one animal or a hundred. This podcast is all about inspiring people to get involved in a  way they never have before. 

Here are three great ways to get involved today ! 


DONATE!  A one time donation is awesome. A recurring donation is even better!  400 people giving just $5.00 per month would pay for four in-studio shows per month. Not bad! The price of a small cappuccino to help us bring animal welfare issues to the forefront and help save the planet?  We think that's a great deal!  Click on the donate button to see all your options and also read up on some of the perks we offer, like a mention on the show or a visit with one of our amazing guests.

$5, $10, $15, $20! It all adds up, especially if it's a monthly recurring donation and it's simple to set up!

**If you prefer donating by check, checks can be made out to Groovy Room Entertainment and email us at for the address! Please mark on check, donation for AJFA Podcast. Note: We are not a 501c3, perhaps someday, but right now we are in our infancy. Thank you for believing in us! 


SPONSOR or UNDERWRITE A SHOW!  Do you have a business that's animal and/or environmentally friendly that you would love to have advertised on the show? Or maybe you have a friend who loves animals and want to give him or her a huge birthday shout out on the show ? Great news, our sponsorship prices are very reasonable!  You can sponsor one show or several, and you can get your business linked on all of our social media outlets as well!


VOLUNTEER!  So you just gave a contribution but still want to do more? We are thrilled to hear that! We need animal warriors to help us spread the word about the show and help us get positive reviews and ratings! How you ask? Here are just a few ways!

  • Share the podcast link to your Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram feeds.  And ask people to listen and rate us . But make sure they like the show first. :)  

  • Tell your friends and family about the show and make sure they subscribe to it! *Subscriptions is what large companies will look at before they advertise on our podcast. We will need thousands of subscriptions for them but also more importantly, for the animals! Big advertisers means major promotion for our message which is and always will be, STOP HURTING ANIMALS! 

  • Encourage your friends and family to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! And give us feedback so we can improve the show and our social media. 

  • Help us find great guests! Do you know someone doing incredible work in animal welfare? If so, we want to hear about them and possibly get them on the show! 

And as a special incentive, if you share our podcast over 500 times, we will send you a special And Justice For Animals gift! Just send us an email and let us know how you promoted us and we will get that gift in the mail to you pronto! (Well as pronto as the U.S. mail decides to be but you get the idea. :)