Underwrite one episode or many and experience the best of both worlds: helping animals and sharing your fantastic harm free product with the world! 

Hello, and thank you for your interest in sponsoring an episode of And Justice For Animals. We only work with 100% harm free companies. No meat, no dairy, no leather, no animal testing. Nothing drives us crazier then listening to a podcast supposedly about helping the environment and then hearing a dairy commercial. Oprah, are you listening? Not on our show! 

We limit our sponsors to three per episode and our host prefers to read the copy herself and know the products/services she speaks of. Authenticity and true belief in the product is very important to her.  We record a minimum of 8 episodes per season.  

What does it cost? Well that's up to you! We work on an honor system so new companies without much capital can participate as well! With each sponsorship, your ad will remain on an episode for six months. We have found that our show's success relies on word of mouth so six months is a great amount of time to be heard by the maximum amount of people. We will send listeners to your websites AND we encourage you to offer discounts to new customers using the "AJFA" tag!


1. Pre-roll: 15-20 second ad at the start of the show.

2. Mid-roll: 1-minute ad in the middle of the show. 

3. Post-roll: 15-30 second ad at the end of the show. 

Contact us here for episode information, suggested fees and ad placement availability!